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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Fishing Rod Holders for Better Results

As a beginner in fishing, you can quickly learn that using fishing rod holders can make your fishing experience more fruitful and enjoyable. Fishing rod holders are devices that hold your fishing rods in place while you wait for the fish to bite. They are significant tools that help anglers catch multiple fishes without much hassle. If you are not familiar with fishing rod holders, here is a beginner’s guide to using fishing rod holders for better results.

1. Choose the Right Fishing Rod Holder

There are different types of fishing rod holders, including flush mount rod holders, clamp mounts, and gunwale mounts. Each of them has unique features and benefits. For example, flush mount rod holders are ideal for small boats, while gunwale mounts are suitable for larger boats. It’s essential to choose the right fishing rod holder that suits your needs and preferences.

2. Position Your Rod Holder Correctly

Positioning your rod holder is crucial to catching fish successfully. Before placing your rod holder, survey your fishing spot to determine the best location. You want to position your holder where there’s a high probability of fish activity. It could be near a drop-off, a reef, or any area where fish frequent.

3. Know Your Rod Holder’s Angle

The angle at which you set your rod holder will also affect your fishing outcome. An optimal angle is between 30-45 degrees. This angle allows the rod to dip slightly into the water, creating a natural presentation for the bait or lure.

4. Use Multiple Rod Holders

Using multiple fishing rod holders can increase your chances of catching more fish. It’s an excellent way to cover more ground, especially if you’re fishing in deep waters. You can set up to six fishing rod holders in the water and monitor each of them to see which one gets a bite first.

5. Keep Your Rods Secure

Once you set your rods in the holder, secure them in place to prevent losing your equipment or fish. You can use a safety strap or bungee cord to hold them securely in place.

6. Monitor Your Rods Regularly

Although fishing rod holders are designed to hold your rods in place, you still need to keep an eye on them. Check your rods regularly for any signs of fish activity. You’ll see the tip of the rod bend or wiggle slightly once a fish bites, as a sign to reel it in.

In summary, using fishing rod holders is a game-changer for any angler, experienced, or beginner. It makes fishing less stressful, more enjoyable, and increases your chances of catching more fish. Remember to choose the right fishing rod holder, set it up at an optimal angle, use multiple rods holders, keep your rods secure, and monitor them regularly. Follow these tips, and you’ll significantly improve your fishing success.

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