Fly Fishing Gear Trends to Watch for in 2021: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Fly fishing is a sport that is gaining popularity year after year. The thrill of catching a fish with a fly is something that many anglers look forward to. One of the reasons that this sport is so popular is because of the gear that is available. Every year, there are new gear trends that anglers can look forward to. Here are some of the fly fishing gear trends to watch for in 2021.

What’s Hot

1. Eco-friendly gear: In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the environment. Anglers are now looking for gear that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Companies are now producing gear that is made from recycled materials, such as fishing waders made from recycled plastic bottles.

2. Technology: Technology is taking over almost every industry, and fly fishing is no exception. There are now smart fishing rods that can detect when a fish bites and automatically reel it in. Additionally, there are apps that can help anglers find the best fishing spots and keep track of their catches.

3. Lightweight gear: Many anglers are looking for lightweight gear that is easy to use and transport. Companies are now producing fly rods and reels that are lighter than ever before, making them ideal for backpacking trips.

What’s Not

1. Traditional gear: While traditional gear has its place, more and more anglers are looking for gear that is high-tech and modern. Traditional bamboo rods and hand-tied flies may still be popular among some anglers, but it’s clear that the future of fly fishing lies in more advanced, cutting-edge technology.

2. Poor quality gear: With the growing popularity of fly fishing, there are now many companies producing gear. Some of these companies are producing gear that is poorly made and will not last long. Anglers should be careful when choosing their gear and should only buy from reputable companies.

3. Overpriced gear: While high-quality gear is important, some companies are charging exorbitant prices for their products. Anglers should research prices and compare products to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

In conclusion, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for fly fishing gear. From eco-friendly gear to high-tech smart rods, there is something for every angler. As always, it’s important to be mindful of quality and value when choosing gear, but with the right gear, anglers can enjoy this beloved sport for many years to come.

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