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If you’ve ever laughed, cried, smiled, or loved — you probably had a moment. Here are some moments from my life.

oranges taking a bath, august 11, 2019

Aufsessplatz, june 20, 2021

sheep on tv, june 20, 2021

Photo utoma, august 22, 2019

teenager’s bed, september 17, 2022

my shadow, august 11, 2019

Lemon bread pineapple, may 17, 2022

push the pedal, july 19, 2019

summer hang, august 11, 2019

clipping, august 11, 2019

self care, october 2, 2020

pink heels, March 2, 2020

Each photo represents a brief moment in time, a moment that will never exist again. But with my photos, I try to capture their essence and, even if just a little bit, keep it alive forever.

sleeping beauty, june 2, 2019

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