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WATEVLOTCS Space World Kids Play Dome Tent Indoor & Outdoor Middle Size 48 X 48 X 40 Inch

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Product Description

We cater your needs for all kinds of tents !!!We cater your needs for all kinds of tents !!!

Product Image for this Space World Dome TentProduct Image for this Space World Dome Tent

Space Word Kids Play Tent Specifications

Asselbly Size: 48 x 48 x 40 Inch

Material: 210D Polyester, PU coating

Rod Spec: PU coated glass fiber frames

Packing Meas: 40 x 10 x 10 cm




Front View

When looking from the front, you will see that the tent showing a senery that austraunants are digging soil from the planets outside the earth.

Space Window

This Space Window helps gain kids interests towards the universe outside the Space Boat, it will active their minds to research difference between earth and universe.

Bottom Sheet

Not solid bottom at all, kids can get more knowledge about planets around the Sun, while playing, they may discuss, learn, talk and image.


Assembly Size

When Assembled, size would be 48 x 48 x 40 Inch.


Detailed View for each Parts

Made of polyester fabric, glass fiber frames.



Images at Home



Images for Outdoor Use

Rod: We coated the rod with PVC so that no particles will fall off the rod, and we know glass fiber frames are harmful to your skins.
Size: Middle size, 2 kids can play together, kids can learn something about sharing while playing.
Design: We design all tents by ourselves, and the pattern is special for every theme, kids can learn something about the world while playing.
Packing: We have a carry bag so that you can take it easily.
Occassion: We can use it for indoor usage, and we can take it outside as well.
Notice: Adults assembly only


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