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Why Landing Net Fishing is the Best Way to Catch Fish

Fishing is a beloved hobby among many enthusiasts worldwide. It could be as simple as throwing a line into a nearby pond and waiting for a fish to bite or elaborate sport fishing on a boat. However, among the various fishing methods, landing net fishing stands out as the best way to catch fish. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Less Harmful to Fish
Landing net fishing is a much more gentle method of catching fish, it entails using a net to scoop up the fish rather than dragging it out of the water with a hook through its mouth. Fish caught this way are usually less injured, reducing the risk of death or injury to the fish ultimately helping maintain the ecosystem.

2. More Precise Catch
In many cases, you need to ensure that you catch a certain type or size of fish when you cast your line. With landing net fishing, you can easily pinpoint the fish species you want to catch, then use a specific net size to capture successfully. The net is flexible, meaning you can control how you handle the fish, making sure to catch the ones you need and release the others before making their way back into the water.

3. Maximum Catch and Release
Most conservation-minded anglers typically choose landing nets because they are ethically concerned about the safety of fish and fishing as a sport and type of food. Catching fish ethically and practicing catch and release tactics is another reason why landing net fishing is advantageous. If you plan to catch fish after fish, a landing net ensures that you can catch the fish without damaging them, get them unhooked and back in the water quickly, and not cause harm to their ecosystem.

4. Better for the Environment
We all have a responsibility to protect the environment, and landing net fishing helps us do that. Hooks can damage the fish, and the lines can get entangled in aquatic vegetation and other organisms. These damages are long-lasting and can cause adverse effects on the ecological system. Landing net fishing, on the other hand, helps us maintain cleanliness in the ecosystem by not allowing entanglement.

To wrap it up, the landing net is an excellent tool, providing the perfect balance in being gentle to fish and ensuring that you’re in full control of the fish’s handling. For nature enthusiasts and conservationists, landing net fishing is a recommended way of fishing because it allows them to capture the thrill of fishing without endangering the fish and their environment.

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